Frequently Asked Questions

+ How important is it to have a wedding film?

In a word, very. Not having your wedding day filmed is hands down the biggest regret brides have. But don’t take our word for it - click here.

Think about how special it is to see photos of your parents wedding, or your grandparents wedding. And then imagine how much more special it would be to see it on film – see how they looked at each other, hear their vows, watch their first dance. We believe a wedding film is a timeless family heirloom that everyone should have. And we believe it so strongly, we’re not afraid to tell you that even if you decide The Light Mill isn’t the right fit for you, we sincerely hope you’ll still have the day filmed somehow.

+ My fiancé is camera shy... How unobtrusive are you?

We don’t blame you. We are absolutely allergic to being noticed at a wedding and consider it the greatest sign of success when our clients say “we never saw you at all!” We pride ourselves on being unobtrusive and we get our best footage when we can be a fly on the wall. That lets you be yourselves and enjoy the moment and allows us to capture who you really are rather than trying to create something artificial. Its basically our primary mission as a wedding film company and it informs every decision we make from what cameras we choose to where we stand to how conduct ourselves all day long. We obviously have to be in the same room, so you will see us sometimes, but we try to remain as invisible as possible. The fruit of that effort is incredibly flattering and authentic footage. We feel that that footage speaks for itself.

+ Do you bring backup equipment?

I’m so glad you asked us that! This is the other key mission of our company. We take weddings extremely seriously and are incredibly sensitive to their one take nature. We go to great lengths to consider every possible point of human and technical failure we might encounter on a wedding day in order to put together a plan to capture everything with certainty. Where other companies might use one microphone on a reader’s podium, we would use two. Where some companies film toasts with one camera we film with at least two to three. It takes longer to manage on our part but it helps us to sleep at night knowing that if things fail it will be as improbable an event as being hit twice by lightening.

+ Can we pick our music?

We will work with you to create a custom score for your film. We use only licensed music and work really hard to find the perfect song(s) that serves to tell the story of your day and fits within your musical preferences. So you give us input on your musical taste and let us know any favorite songs, and we’ll come up with a score that you will love.

+ Do you offer photography as well?

We don’t but we have a list of tremendous photographers we can recommend to you. Just let us know what kind of photography you’re interested in and we’ll be happy to help you find someone amazing!

+ How will you work with my photographer?

The last thing we want is to show up in your wedding photos. We pride ourselves on working very well with photographers of all stripes and doing our best to make their day easy while still getting the shots we need for your film. Photographers are often some of the best ambassadors for our business, and we love building relationships with them.

+ Who will shoot my wedding?

We have 3 teams of cinematographers, all of whom have been trained to shoot in the same style, so no matter who’s filming your event, you’ll have the same kind of footage you’ve seen in our portfolio. In fact, all of our cinematographers’ work is featured in our film samples – see if you can tell any difference.

+ Do we get the RAW footage?

It depends on which package you choose. Some packages include raw footage, but we actually created our Archival Edit to negate the need for it. With an Archival Edit you’ll get all the best footage from every part of the day without having to comb through various audio sources and each camera angle. That said, if you do want the raw footage in addition to an archival edit, we can provide it for you on an external hard drive for a small additional fee.

+ Your work is amazing but a bit outside our budget – what should we do?

We understand that weddings are expensive. We can’t stress strongly enough that you should use the budget you have to film the day properly. We offer the option to add some or all editing after the wedding at any point. Keep in mind that an editing package can make a great holiday or even anniversary gift if you need to spread out the payments. But there’s only one chance to film the day correctly.

+ What kind of equipment do you use?

In order to give you the best possible resolution and image quality, we shoot with very low profile DSLR cameras equipped with professional grade 35mm cinema lenses. Our camera equipment is state of the art in low light image capture - which helps tremendously in staying unobtrusive. It all goes back to unobtrusiveness!